social media production - Venice Boardwalk:  After Dark

social media production

Subject Matters is dedicated to social media production as a tool to illuminate and foster progressive change in areas in which it focuses. 

Subject Matter's first project, a feature documentary, has the working title Venice Boardwalk:  After Dark, or VBAD, and focuses on the dramatic transformation that happens at one of the nation's top tourist attractions, once the sun goes down.
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Venice Boardwalk: After Dark

Not long after the handcraft, visual  and Performing artists go home, the Boardwalk comes alive with characters and situations that are as intriguing as they often are sad and dangerous.  Street Fair turns into Street Fire as hustles, trash hunts and underworld collisions transpire under the lights of LAPD helicopter and beach patrols struggling to keep the peace.  

Make no mistake:  there are no victims here.   This overnight crew of denizens are a hearty, defiant bunch, and the last thing they want is anyone's sympathy.  

However, a dollar donation is always accepted.