It has been over three years since I started this venture, primarily as an over entity for a project that emerged right before my very eyes:  Venice Boardwalk:  After Dark. 
The main focus of that effort, when it began, was to showcase the dramatic change in culture the Boardwalk goes through as soon as the sun sets.  Even after intermittent years of living right next to the place, I had no idea there was an under-culture, one so vibrant and character-filled--how could I possibly have missed this?  I felt like I'd been a zombie, for years.  All I knew is that somehing marked had changed in the feel of the place. 
I noticed the City and County entitels charged with maintenence no longer watered and tended to the grassy areas.  Crime went up.  Violent crime.  Way, way up.  Not only that, I didn't (still haven't) been able to see a corroberation of officially-reported crimes (information provided by government agencies) and what I knew actually occorred, or in some dire cases, actually witness the aftermaths of. 
I notidced a general laissez-faire darkness slowly encompass, then allow for the fostering of more and more crime... one "Old Gangster", OG, I spoke with said it best:  "You'll get a $300.00 ticket for smoking a cigarette during the day, but you can get away with murder after 9 p.m.
Yikes.  But I ended up seeing for myself he spoke the truth. 
I noticed something else, too.  A silliy looking, nameless, lit-up ghost totem for some new company setting up shop right on the Boardwalk... that didn't even allow tourists or visitors on its premises.  What the hell?  Well that company was Snapchat, right after their initial seed investment of around $4 million. 
Snapchat is now worth over $9 BILLION, and its co-founders were each recently officially named billionaires by Forbes--I got an alert from my bud Ms. Dolan from Forbes at the stroke of midnight, when they were offically crowned.  I don't know about you, but I am in debt since then, particularly because of my (this) project.  Snapchat obvously did better. 
And they were the vanguard, first string of what was to (without the knowledge of the public and most locals) become the newly named:  Silicon Beach. 
Since then, billions of venture capital has flooded the beach areas, and hundreds of cutting edge startups have joined the ocmmunity. 
And their footprint has been mighty. 
That footprint, and in particular how it has affectg homeless populations, is the new focus of my film, the film that seems to never die. 
What lies below, and within, this website are basically for archival purposes only.  As well as proof that I actually have been working on this thing for this long. 
AND ESPECIALLY A HUGE THANKS TO VISTAPRINT FOR LOSING THEIR FAITH IN ME, THIS PROJECT--These people really do care about the webpages their clients craft through their services, they want success. 
Right on...